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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Traveling again

I've been on the road a lot lately, more than any time since I left NC, I believe. Between personal & work trips, I've spent time in hotels in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Atlanta, Charleston, and am headed next to Florence (whoop-de-do), then back to Atlanta.

I'm in Charleston now in a very-slightly-north-of-Broad hotel, where I find myself in a really spiffy room/petite suite. There are two separate sitting areas, plus a nice desk, fridge, and granite counters in the kitchen area and bathroom. I have silk palm trees in two corners, windows on two sides, six lamps, plenty of outlets, four side tables and a lovely coffee table with a dried orchid arrangement in a glass jar. Feather pillows and turn-down service. There are two bathrobes in the bathroom.

I got this at the government rate. Somebody's gonna get fired, I fear....

There is a lovely flat screen TV, where I'm watching the civility drain out of the debate. The tone is a lot different from the debate I watched in an Atlanta hotel last week.

Hillary, who has been scowling at Obama and only looking directly at Brian Williams, just referenced last week's Saturday Night Live. She suggested "Maybe we should ask Barak if he's comfortable and if he needs a pillow." No one laughed. I think the race is over.

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