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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vote Early and Vote Often

A saying famously attributed to LBJ (or maybe the first Mayor Daley) that seems to be the crux of what Obama is saying to a Texas audience right now.

I'm watching election returns here in the ATL, since there is no "House" tonight.

Turns out voters in Texas can vote early (in the 7 days before the primary) or on primary day. Then, they can assemble in caucuses on election night to select super delegates. That's the vote often.

I've paid closer attention this year, or perhaps the punditry has done a better job of covering the process, but the variation state to state for delegation selection for and retention by candidates is positively Byzantine. (Balkanist?)

Anyhow, the speech is about over, and he's said "Houston" scads of times, but seems to have resisted the opportunity to say either (expected) "Houston, we HAVE a problem" or (unexpected) "Houston, we HAVE a solution."

Nobody is fainting tonight.

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Heather said...

Unfortunately he couldn't refrain from saying "Houston, we have lift off," which is funny, because the lift-off call is given to "Kennedy" at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Well, no one expects his speech writers to do too much researching before speeches ...

My favorite thus far: The night he lost NH and said he appreciated all the people who came out in the cold weather conditions to vote - it had been an unseasonably warm day of about 50 degrees and they forgot to change the language in the speech.