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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Shopping Lessons

1. I should never get a basket if I'm only planning to dash in and get one thing. I seem to find plenty to fill the basket, even if it's a small one.

2. You really can't carry, at least not in a back-friendly way, a handbasket full of juices and soups for an ill spouse. Trying to do so is more taxing than going back to the front and getting a proper-sized cart. Really -- go back and get the bigger cart. This isn't a contest with feats of strength.

3. Last Sunday, whilst filling a handbasket at Target, I witnessed the following.

  • Man pushes cart with two small children past bed and bath displays towards the toys and automotive sections.
  • Woman with her own cart walks more slowly behind him.
  • Woman: Greg ... look ... they have rugs on sale ...
  • Man turns cart, registers a surprised look, heads back toward the rugs that he hadn't know he'd passed up.
My thoughts: Until that very moment, Greg didn't know that his wife was interested in rugs. She's been looking at and thinking about a new rug for some time. But with Christmas and the kids' birthdays, there really wasn't a good time to mention what she wanted. She's already figured out the color, size, pattern, durability, and placement for the new rug. Greg did the right thing to not question the premise. I didn't stick around, but I'm guessing they will have a new rug inside a week, if not that morning.

4. Non-pop star gifts are hard to come by for "tweens." (There are plenty of options out there, though, if you want to buy Hannah Montana or "High School Musical" themed gifts.) It's worth the effort to try and find something else -- just don't pick up the handbasket. You can get the other stuff later.

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