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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bound to happen

There are some things in your life that will happen eventually, you just don't know when. (Maybe that's the Presby years speaking.)

For me, I had an experience that I'd managed to avoid until this afternoon, and I had to go all the way to Atlanta to experience it. I was walking on a sidewalk in the rain, as far away from the curb as possible, when I received the full tsunami force of a car speeding through a puddle. The water went at least 6 feet high, curling over the top of my head slightly. This happened as I was walking from the Marta Art Center station to my hotel, just under a block away. I arrived completely soaked on my left side. Half my hair and half my coat sopping wet.

Number 2 great reason to wear boots: My feet stayed completely dry. (Yay)

It felt like I was in a movie. I'm sure it was mildly amusing to the next 30 cars that sped by before I got to the corner.

Bound to happen someday. Bartender at the manager's reception though it was worth a double rum shot in my diet coke. Good guy.

Something else that amused me: there are different automated voices on the various north and southbound Marta lines. Yesterday AM, and this afternoon, the friendly female voice assured me that "This train is bound for airport station" and "this train is bound for Doraville." I was a bit relieved that she didn't say "this train is bound for glory." Not quite ready yet.

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