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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Politics and Pancakes

It's Super Fat Shrove Tuesday here at the House of Chez Casa. Izzy is preparing some fish, and I'm getting ready to toast some lo-carb, high CARdBoard waffles (not quite pancakes, but c'est le guerre.) I'm watching political coverage, whilst doing website stuff.

Major excitement here.

Stuff I've heard tonight and recently (I'll likely update this post as the evening goes on.)

  • [On choosing candidates] Democrats fall in love; Republicans fall in line.

  • Democrats will support whoever the party's eventual nominee is -- more so than Republicans. The reason? Dems may dislike the other candidate, but they don't despise the other candidate's supporters. (What does that say about the GOP's? Romney's people hate Huckabee's people? Maybe yes -- based on what I've heard lately on talk radio.)

  • [McCain's followers] McCanaanites.

  • Pat Robertson (Gollum's older brother?) just appeared when I channel surfed. Izzy's comment to the Rev: "Go ahead, support Huckabee. Kill him."
More later.
  • Chris Matthews: Huckabee has a hard time dying. AND The trouble with the Lazarus Theory is that it would make Mike Huckabee Jesus. (I'm guessing Chris is "not a fan.")

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Mattheus Mei said...

that made me smile :)