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Monday, September 24, 2007

What Kids Want

A link I don't want to lose - Fr. Powell from the University of Dallas (as schools go, one of Izzy's favorites), posted on what has worked for them in their campus ministry. Link originally seen, with comments, at Charlotte was Both.

Two items on the list are especially relevant to and aimed at those of us over a certain age, although it assumes a pretty strong liberal bent (and burn-out?) to the oldsters:

You didn’t follow in the religious/spiritual footsteps of your parents, why would you expect them to follow in yours? More than anything these younger generations need our patience. Keep your contempt and snarky commentary to yourself. You only injure your already sketchy credibility.

You grew up (for the most part) in a sexually repressed culture crowded with rules and punishments. They didn’t. They grew up in the sexual chaos your revolution caused and still celebrates. If they want to figure out what virginity, chastity, and NFP is all about, let them. Again, your snarky predictions of their inevitable failure will only serve to further damage your credibility—it will not deter them. Also, ask yourself: why are you threatened by their desire to put their sexuality in the context of faithful marriage?
I'll be especially interested in Gashwin's take on this, or comments of anyone who recently spent time in a youth group/young adult group.

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Gashwin said...

Gashwin is contemplating a long post in response and also contemplating sharing this with his community's listserv. I think it might start a good conversation. Or at least a shouting match.

More when he feels whether it would be prudent to actually put his thoughts on his blog!