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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Language Post #1: Names of Clothes

Having given one of my disposable eddresses to a women's retail & catalogue clothing company (whose stuff I really do like, but do I need daily emails?), I get frequent announcements of great sales.

Whilst scrolling through the site today, I once again notice the imagination required to name all of the clothing. While some name are more descriptive, like "Button Front Dress" (sold out) or "Cropped Pants", most pieces had names like "Delightful Dress" (I own), "Sassy Little Dress" or "Tartan Frock."

My current fave is "Resplendent Jacket." I'm not sure if I'd be worthy to wear it most days.


Gregory said...

I think you're more resplendent than you realize.

City Yogin said...

It's an adorable jacket and I think that once you put it on, you will resplendent no matter what the day!

City Yogin said...

you will *feel* resplendent...

sorry--long day! ;-)