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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Language Post #3: Arrrrgh!

And I do mean arrrgh (or arrr - whichever ye prefer, matey)! I was stuck in a "Very Important Policy Meeting" all day and had no opportunity to bond with colleagues over grog on this, the International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

So, since I couldn't interject pirate-speak into the pan flu meeting today, I'll take the opportunity to translate into piratese the quote at the bottom of the blog:

Marie, Barone, speaking as a pirate/wench, might say:

Do nay be lettin' a suitchest full o' moldy mil kie be yerrr big forrr kie and spoon, and a bottle of rum!

I have t' set sail now, and a bottle of rum! I be charrrtin' a courrrse t' grrrog a bit rrrum and Diet Coke beforrre supperrr time, and a bottle of rum!
Apparently, all of the translations end with "and a bottle of rum!" Much in life should end that way, do nay ye agrrree, buckos?

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