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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dancing Lessons and Domesticity

Izzy and I had our 3rd $3 group dance lesson tonight. We also had a delightful private lesson two weeks ago here at the House of Chez Casa, wherein we learned basics about counting and I tried to learn which foot is which. I'm hoping we'll be able to use this skill later next month (more on the occasion, below.)

Right now, we're winding down for the evening. I'm realizing that these quiet nights are about to end -- we have social engagements for Thursday and Friday, and then early to bed Sunday before Izzy leaves Mnday for 5 weeks (WVa, Oregon, Washington, Oregon, and back home.) He's calling it the Latin-Speaking, Filial Piety, 25th Anniversary, Summer Tour.

This evening, we're the picture of post-modern domesticity. Instead of "Mama in her kerchief and I in my cap" or Mama with the knitting and Daddy with a book or paper, we're here on the couch with separate laptops while the cat averts her gaze from across the room.

Izzy is calling his mom, whom he'll see sometime after Skylab Day, and a question was raised about Oregon's helmet law. They were pondering the issue whilst I proceeded to look things up on the interweb. It's kinda cool to be able to do that.

Now they are giggling about old musician jokes (cornyness alert -- the jokes are old... not the musicians...) (more here)

What's the difference between an onion and a bassoon?
Nobody cries when you cut up a bassoon.

How to you get a banjo player off your porch?
Pay for the pizza.

(My fave) What do you say to a musician in a 3-piece suit?
Will the defendant please rise?
Izzy is going to have a wonderful trip out to the western wilds of the US of A, and I'll be joining him partway through for our celebration of 25 years of marriage. I'm hoping to get to dance by the river (Columbia river, doncha know) with my beloved later next month. Slow, slow quick-quick. Triple-step, triple-step, rock step; throw out, cuddle step, back pass -- lots of fun.

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