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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A is for Aisle

Izzy pointed me to a song by the Canadish band Bare Naked Ladies, which is quite fun to listen to (maybe I'll (aisle? ilse?) learn it well enough to sing on long car rides.)


A is for aisle
B is for bdellium
C is for czar
And if you see him, would you mind telling him-

D is for djinn
E for Euphrates
F is for fohn, but not like when I call the ladies

G for Gnarly,
H is for hour
I for irk
J for jalapeno, good in either corn or flour (tortillas?)

K is for knick-knack
L is for llama

M for mnemonic
N is for ngomo
O is for ouija board
P for pneumonia, pterodactyl and psychosis

Q is for qat
R is for R-gyle, No, it isn't

S is for Saar, a lovely German river
T for tsunami, a wave that makes me quiver
U is for urn, but not like earning money
V for vraisemblance from French, And therefore kind of funny

W for wren, wrinkly, and who.
X is for Xian, an ancient Chinese city, true!
Y is for yperite, a very nasty gas.
And zed's the final letter
And by final, I mean last.

Hear it for yourself, with commentary on Scrabble, loser llamas, and Zed Zed Top.

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Waldie said...

if you've not checked out the whole album, do so right now. the whole thing is so great! i think you might especially like the songs allergies and vegetable town.