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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Great finds and bird flu

First, yes, there were antibodies to avian influenza (low pathogenic H7N3) found in a flock of chicken in Arkansas. Testing was done prior to slaughter and no birds were known to be symptomatic or actually ill. The flock was depopulated (grim term) proactively and no risk is known to humans. As you may recall, the avian influenza that has been causing so much disease and death in Asia is of the strain H5N1.

That much you can get for responsible news sources. That's no fun.

In looking for additional coverage, to prepare our on-call person, I did a Google blog search using key terms from the first paragraph of this post. (Yes, I do realize that this post will likely become part of the search results from the next person who tries this.) I was thrilled that in less than two clicks, I'd discovered a bizarre theory on transmission and a link to the Clintons.

If they are going to be out of power, looks like they are taking the chickens with them. I love conspiracy people.

(I'll set this to publish later on, so it won't show up during today's work day.)

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