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Sunday, June 22, 2008

People who remember me

... seem to come out of the woodwork lately.

Tonight, while in line for the restroom at a concert, it happened thrice. I'll spare the full details, but I re-met (1) a former camp archery instructor (who I'd also spoken to at a school nurse meeting), (2) her husband who asked one of the odder questions I've ever had posed (more below) and (3) a member of my high school's concert choir and vocal ensemble.

There are those odd minutes of staring and asking that are typical to those encounters: Where did you go to school? Who are your parents? Where did you go to church in these years? Where-all have you worked? I mentioned that I'd only worked two placed in SC, my current job at the health dept and previously at Wendy's. Asked the husband: Did you work at the Wendy's on Bush River Road in 1978? Me: Yes. He recalled our store, where they'd stopped on their honeymoon 30 years ago. It was the only connection we could identify, and that's just too weird.

His wife and I were at camp together -- she taught archery at the summer camp her family ran. My youngest sister, had she been a boy, would have been named after this woman's father. I hadn't seen her since the early 1970's -- I must resemble my folks enough that people who knew my family back then can pick me out of a line-up (in this case a bathroom line.)

The former concert choir chum and I were able to recall and sing together (after the show) our All State audition song. (Bach's Honor and Glory) How cool is that?

Izzy was very patient, assuming the role he did so well at my 20 year high school reunion. So nice to see everyone in unexpected places.

Our musician friends also joined us at the coffee shop, and turns out that they were good friends of a musician who is a good friend of the guy we'd come to see. In a previous band, she'd also covered one of this guy's songs. Lots of very small worlds -- wonder who we'll re-connect with next?

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