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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The OC

I went to the Urban Dictionary to look up a term (yes, the Urban Dictionary is in the next post after one on ballroom dancing -- that's our life), and discovered that I'd missed the 15-plus minutes of fame that our old neighborhood (Oak Cliff) had recently.

In Texas, now, The OC means Oak Cliff, the neighborhood where I worked and we lived for our last three years in Dallas. Per the Urban Dictionary, Oak Cliff is ...

The only place in Texas where you will get shot for getting shot by someone else who got shot.
Fear not:
While there are parts of Oak Cliff where looking at the wrong person in the wrong way will get you beat up, stabbed, or shot, overall it's an okay place to live.
Sounds about right. I also discovered that, amongst the "crunkest parts of the Metroplex" were other crunk areas"
Naw Oak Cliff ain't the only hood in D-town you got South Dallas (worked there), West Dallas (worked there), East Dallas (lived there), and Pleasant Grove (lived there).
I'd post the links, but the language is embarrassing - scads of izzle speak (don't those people know it's not 2005 anymore?)

Here's the Google image of our "Oak Cliff Love Nest." It's a garage apartment that was white when we lived there. The fence to the right covers what was the backyard of the main house, which functioned as our front yard, sitting room, garden and feline frolic area. The whitish are on the left surrounded by trees (hard to see, but worth the effort for historical purposes) was the concrete pad of the very first 7-11. The Dallas trolley line ended where Our garage doors were, so workers could pick up milk and bread before waling to their homes in the OC.

We loved the neighborhood -- ask one of us about it sometime to and watch us wax poetic and nostalgic.

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