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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sorry, I just can't resist

From the Miss Teen USA contest. (Google news here)

I'm going to give her credit for nerves and for being way over-coached to be sure and say certain buzz words during her interview.

It's still way too funny.

Brief version with subtitles here:

She's local. And, in a William Hung sort of way, she'll end up with far more publicty than the actual winner.

1 comment:

UltraCrepidarian said...

Well, she's cute, but she isn't very smart.

As for the variants on the "one in X american's can't locate the USA on a map", I call B.S.

Somebody please go to the mall and try this stupid "amurricans are SOOOOO dumb" hoax out for size, and find out if it's not B.S..

I could believe 1 in 20 americans, over the age of 12, with driver's licenses, can't do it, but if you leave the senile and the infants out of it, I don't think there's any chance that even boring idiots they would not recognize the shape of the outline of continental USA. It's not like there aren't clues. Come on? Who doesn't know what the coast of Florida, or California looks like? Who doesn't know what the shape of the state of Texas looks like? Who doesn't know what the great lakes looks like, and the "mit" of michigan? Come on, gullible people.

Surely the National Geographic Society has a point, that geographical education in America is at a low point, but I don't believe that 20% of americans are completely map-illiterate.

That's what she should have said... Even if she would be still wrong.