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Monday, August 13, 2007

Cat Pics

I've read somewhere recently that the non-porn segment of the internet consists of 80% cat pictures, 5% social-networking sites, and 14% ads for Rather than try and enhance the remaining 1%, I'll confess to enjoying the 80%. I'm not the only one who is interested to see what cat pics Required Reiding's Mom, Tricia, uses to illustrate her daily adventures in Vicksburg.

I'm also amused by the LOL cats at

I spend a lot of my time at work dealing with or planning for really bad stuff; cats napping in invisible pie crusts are a great antidote.

And few things are cuter than this pic:


or more true than this one:


I recently found LOL Cat pics of Oscar, the cat who appears to predict the deaths of patients on a dementia ward. Read the great article on this "art form" in the Archives of Mental Floss.

So, what's the point? (Blog posts need points? Discussion for another day...)

I made my first attempt at an LOL cat pic today. If you've seen our cat, and if you have, you're in an elite group, you'll know she's unlikely to sit still for a photo session. I consider myself lucky to have gotten a couple of snaps of her the other night.

Here's Caligula's LOL debut:

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