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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Break-out the Tin Foil Hats!

Or whatever you wear when contemplating conspiracies.

According to the Charlotte Observer, folks in Charlotte (where Billy Graham is always big news) are upset about his portrayal on this week's Time Magazine cover.

What are those things sticking out of Billy Graham's head on the cover of Time magazine this week?

Merely the M in TIME, you say?

Some Internet bloggers see something else: A devilish plot. They're accusing Time -- some seriously, some tongue-in-cheek -- of putting horns on the Charlotte-born evangelist.

"Well, the left media continues its crusade of soft propaganda," wrote conservative blogger John Ruskin. "This time, the target is Rev. Billy Graham ... Yeah, tell me that was an innocent mistake."

"Say your prayers!" said, a celebrity gossip blog, which headlined its post "The devil and Billy Graham."

Altogether now: Sheeeeesh...

FWIW, if the "horns" were intentional, don't you think they'd have used a face-forward photo? Maybe Time is comparing BG, a latter-day prophet, to Moses?


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Matthew said...

now that's just funny, I don't care who you are.