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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Interview Update

Apparently, the red dress wasn't quite enough...

I'll not be starting a new job in September. Had a heart-to-heart with the "big boss" (whose job I had sought) about how/where to gain some of the experience that tipped the scales in favor of another candidate - valuable experiences that were preferred by the "really big boss." Apparently, "Big Boss" can't think of a way in the normal order of things in our division to accomplish this. (It's worth noting that she had moved into her current position directly from the one I currently hold -- so I knew I had sufficient qualifications, just not some intangibles.)

So, how to make myself a better candidate for whatever might come next? Looks like I'll be taking the GRE in late October, and filling out student loan paperwork for distance learning doctoral programs. What fun!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, so you need more alphabet soup on the end of your name. Well here is to hoping that I finish before you, not that I wish for you to take a long time to get the next degree, but that I hope my suffering will be done soon.