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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Winners and Losers and making change

Izzy and I arrived home later this evening from the high school basketball games, in time to see pundits trying to figure out why they still didn't know who had won the Democratic Primary in New Hampshire. I really like politics, so it was nice to be able to see when the "call" was made, and hear several of the speeches.

And speaking of hard-fought battles, both the boys and the girls round ball teams played their hearts out tonight. When I arrived at the game, Izzy was cheering just as hard as some of the folks who we've now been watching cheer on their winning and losing candidates. The girls got a great basket in the last 5 seconds to win by two; the boys missed a 1.3-seconds-to-go-shot and lost by two. It was great to see such pure effort and energy.

Great line from a speech or debate the other day from Mrs. Clinton: "I've been making change for the past 35 years." I think that folks who've spent 35 years making change (at the WalMart or Quik Stop?) might be Edwards voters. Might wanna change the line?

I last made change professionally in 1981--at my last Wendy's job. I guess I won't be running for president, but I also can't be accused of being a flip-flopper.

We've got our own version of March Madness coming up in this state over the next couple of weeks. I'm tempted to vote for the first person who points out that you can't spend all your time promising to make change, while calling anyone who had ever "changed" a "flip-flopper."

Let's see what the SC buzzword will be. "Promise"? "Hope"? "My own voice"? "Comeback"? "Momentum"? Are we ready for "Electability"?

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