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Monday, January 21, 2008

Sanford on Colbert

Update: Video is here.

Our governor, described by Colbert as a boring manila envelope glued to a beige wall, was just interviewed by Colbert for a new segment: "Better Know a Governor."

I'll watch for the transcript. Highlights from what I can recall:

Last meal of BBQ? He'll choose mustard-based. (He wasn't asked to identify Maurice's or Melvin's, thank goodness.)

Colbert: In 2005, Time Magazine named you one of America's 5 most boring governors. ... Talk to us about the Mark Sanford nobody knows.
Sanford: [Begins talking about taking his sons out for walks in the woods.]
Colbert interrupts: Tell us about the Mark Sanford nobody cares about.
As part of a discussion of the Confederate flag, Colbert appears to state that the flag doesn't really symbolize slavery (at least not to him), since there aren't any pictures of slaves on it. Sanford tries to explain that symbols can carry meaning without always fully picturing the thing symbolized. That sets up and continued this conversation.
Colbert: There aren't any pictures of slaves on the flag, are there?
Sanford (begins): A crucifix doesn't have Jesus on it...
Colbert: Mine does. That's the difference between Catholics and you. That and the Pope. Also, Protestants are heretics.
I'll fix the quotes once they are available online. Comments with links to transcripts welcome.


Time actually named Sanford one of the three worst governors in the US. Right up there with Taft of Ohio and Blanco of Louisiana.


Heather said...

I heart Stephen Colbert.

Anonymous said...

Dogwood can't wait to watch this when he gets home...

Mrs. Dell