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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My 2nd favorite team

So, we watched the Duke game tonight. I hate, hate, hate when they wear the black shoes -- they play terribly. Their feet are too heavy to move quickly and efficiently. They are just clunky.

Late in the 2nd half, the boys in dark blue managed to come back to life, play despite the shoes, and win over Florida state, 70-59.

After that, I worked on the Bulletin and watched some DVDs with Izzy. (Thanks to the Mice for the loan of 3rd Rock.) At the end of an episode of All Creatures Great and Small, we turned off the DVD player and ESPN came back up, with Georgia Tech only two points (!) behind UNC.

Me: Go Jackets, Go Jackets, it's your birthday....
Izzy: Her favorite team? Duke. Her second favorite team? Whoever is playing Carolina.

Update at 11:15 -- the heels escaped with another win (83-82). Crud. Tyler Hansbrough sure bleeds a lot.

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