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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Political Verbiage

Coming home tonight, I heard Mark Levine, a conservative radio host new to our local airways, scream that John McCain was running as General Patton and the Mike Huckabee was running as the Second Coming. Last week, Levine called these guys a war-monger and a false prophet (should be obvious which is which...) The more Levine and others like him go on about these guys, the more I think I might vote for one of them.


The caller from the Huckabee campaign asked yesterday what it would take for me to lean more towards her guy than towards McCain. I told her that all Huckabee needed was more international experience. She sounded a bit deflated, but actually agreed with me when I told her that Pakistan has me spooked, and when I said that I'm now looking most at foreign policies and experience in selecting a commander in chief.

I've realized the social policies, as nice as they sound in these speeches and debates, are all subject to congressional gridlock. I'm unlikely to vote for anyone for president based on promises of legislation. Just doesn't look like bi-partisan collaboration is gonna happen anytime soon.


We're watching the Las Vegas Debate whilst Izzy does grades (and super pokes a bit) and I type the bulletin. I think I just heard Barak Obama refer to appliances as "low hanging fruit." Gotta pay closer attention.

Guess what? Edwards is a Southerner! Son of a mill worker. Hunter. Gun owner. Who'd a thunk it?


Kate said...

Yea, and Edwards' sweet southern drawl (and his puppyfaced good looks) seem to be the only argument for his suitability for presidential office offered by his incessant political ads.
Also: is it just me or is McCain looking ancient of days in the worst possible way? Even Obama is looking a little ashen around the mouth. Maybe spending millions on campaigning is hard on the constitutions of these men. Hillary, curse her, is looking as frightfully chipper as ever.

St. Izzy said...

To Lizzy:

I think you may be right about social policy with one crucial exception: annointing the Supremes.

To Kate:

If you think the campaign trail is hard on smiles, you should have seen what a few years in office did to Carter's pearly whites.


Mattheus Mei said...

you heard it right, he did refer to appliances as low hanging fruits on the tree of sustainability and energy independence... (the last part was my own addition) It was a good point that as our population increases if we don't increase the efficiencies of our Cars our homes and our appliances, etc, that we'll pollute all the more. It's one of the main arguements against green energy initiatives (consumption is) because people forget about efficiency.

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Thanks, MM. I had this picture of microwaves and ranges hanging from low branches, with toasters and eletric frying pans just out of reach.