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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Whoa, Nellie!

Yes, the political junkie is still up. I've been editing pics from the borrowed camera, uploading to Flickr even as Izzy, many miles away, is doing the same thing. Makes the photostream look very interesting.

So, I'm up late enough that I've actually seen CNN call Texas for Sen. Clinton. They seem pretty excited about it. Maybe it's the prospect of prolonging the horse race (i.e., more viewers for them), maybe it's true what Rush used to say about them being the Clinton News Network. In any case, pretty surprising to me.

I watched the Huckabee concession speech with Mom & Pops. All of us are pretty sure we haven't seen the last of him. We all liked him as a candidate, but not enough to think of him as a better president than McCain for a dangerous world. Interesting discussion, which we hadn't had much time for back before the primary. Turns out, most of us in the local family, minus a couple of "Fred Heads" felt about the same.

So, CNN and the cast of SNL are probably just beside themselves. The rest of us will continue to watch and wonder what this year's "October Surprise" will be.

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