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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Izzy's Travels

Izzy is tickled that the Leanabago passed 100,000 miles yesterday. He'd driven to Brevard, NC yesterday early to pick up a motorcycle jacket that a rider friend was passing along to me. He got back, picked me up and we took a tour of the Wateree area on the way to the SCISA girls 3A state basketball championship. (Our girls just weren't up to the challenge of their opponents -- who won their fourth consecutive championship yesterday.) Good game, anyway.


Anywho, during the ride, on a very pleasant afternoon, the bike crossed 100,000 miles. Izzy took pics at 99,999 and 100K. For those keeping track, it took about 62 months to get there.


Izzy left this afternoon for a week-long trip with a group of high schoolers. They will be visiting several colleges in the Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Izzy, who hates driving "cages", will be driving a soccer-mom style minivan (his description) filled with teenage boys.

He taught several of these guys last year. At some point, they learned that they could induce him to cringe by singing Afternoon Delight ('70's hit by the Starland Vocal Band.) They did this with great regularity...

As he was preparing to leave this afternoon, I heard the bink that indicated that the computer in the other room had finished burning a CD. "What's on the CD?," I ask. "50 minutes of different versions of Afternoon Delight, " he responds gleefully. He's planning to play it for as much of the 1100 miles as it takes to exact his revenge.

And that's the sort of field trip no one will ever forget. Wish him luck.

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