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Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm 59

(Update at the bottom)

Or so reads the result I got from one of those quizzes to which I was directed (they want to sell you a life plan, I think, so I used one of my disposable Yahoo eddresses.)

Things that make my "real age" younger:

  • Good sleep levels
  • Limited or no secondhand smoke exposure
  • Parents relationship
  • Medication use
  • Happy marriage (or so I claimed on the quiz, smile)
  • Low red meat intake
  • Folic acid intake
  • Daily vitamin
  • Education level
  • Diabetes control
  • Ideal BMI (yay!)
  • Vehicle size
  • Good oral hygiene
  • Safety belt or airbag usage
  • Nonsmoker
  • Alcohol (how much can I have? I want to live lots longer!)
  • Daily breakfast
  • Ideal blood pressure (yay, again)
  • Diverse diet
  • No ovarian cancer in family
  • Maintain total cholesterol level
Amongst the things listed that made my "real age" older, were the following:
  • Low fruit servings
Did I mention the diabetes?
  • Family history of breast cancer
Not the diabetes? Really?
  • Calcium intake
  • Vitamin E intake
  • Vitamin C intake
I couldn't recall how much of these I take each day, and so I guess I didn't get credit for taking them.

and finally:
  • Dog ownership

I don't recall the question. I wonder if (1) I accidentally answered "Yes" to something and thus am losing valuable lifespan for having a dog, or if (2) I lose valuable lifespan for NOT having a dog.

Anyhow, these folks think I'm already 59. That certainly explains the fatigue of late. Maybe I can take my quiz results to the coffee shop or the movies and get a discount.

I tried it again, this time adding in the vitamin and mineral count. Looks like I dropped to 55.4 years old. Still works for the senior discount at Hardees and Belk.

Izzy came out 1.8 years younger than his actual age. He's considering taking up smoking or eating more red meat so as to not outlive our meager savings....They suggest he spend more time riding in a large car. Anyone out there see that happening??


Anonymous said...

Izzy in a larger car... maybe a wider and perhaps a little longer car if it comes with more power and torque, but until his hands can no longer squeeze that clutch I'll bet he will be on 2 wheels.

Anonymous said...

Apparently I don't eat enough fruit either...something about family history of diabetes and my own probs w/blood sugar regulation as of late (think ~year or so). hmmm...I guess we can go indulge together, so that we can be um, heatlthier?