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Friday, September 01, 2006

Road Trip Update

So, Charleston got a bit of rain and the barrier islands got some flooding. Ernesto was mainly a rain event.

However, on Wednesday AM, when they called for a voluntary evacuation of low-lying areas in Charleston County, I took off and headed down to pick up my great aunt. Her neighbors had moved and all of the folks in houses around hers are now weekenders. I knew the chance of a major hit was minimal, but I also knew that we couldn't let an octogenarian sit in her house, watching Fox News (her fave), wondering what would happen to her. She was happy to get out of town.

We had a nice visit on the drive up--some family stories and lots of her political views (did I mention the Fox News channel?) Wednesday & Thursday, she got to visit & eat with lots of MY Family Of Origin. There are ~2 dozen Myfoo's in this town, and she got to visit with over half in her first 2 nights here, with many of the rest today. Plus Izzy, representing the O'Cayce's.

She'll head back to Charleston tomorrow, probably w/Mother Myfoo (maybe w/me & Izzy, too--plans just keep changing.) I don't know when we'll see her again after she moves to California, so I'm glad she got a big dose of family time this trip.

Plus, I got more fodder for the book I can only write after scads of people are dead....

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