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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Church Evenings...

...and afternoons. Seems like every day this past week had a church-related activity. Thus, no time to blog about whatever I was actually doing or thinking.

Saturday: Chuck Girard concert at our local coffee house. Chuck is a pioneer in contemporary Christian music, most famous for "Sometimes Alleluia." My fave "back in the day" was "Don't Shoot the Wounded." (He publishes lyrics and chords on the website--how cool is that!?!) I hadn't known that he had sung lead on a song that shows up on oldies radio: Little Honda by the Hondells.

Sunday: Mass, of course. Then to the hospital with Izzy to take Holy Communion to a parishioner & her husband. What an amazing honor and privilege!

Monday: Young Adult group, after a lecture by Paul Farmer on health & social justice work in Haiti and Rwanda. Take home quote: "No one should have to die from an infectious disease simply because he is poor." It's that simple and that hard. After young adults, a friend came over for fish & conversation.

Tuesday: Typing the Bulletin--emails to solicit missing info.

Wednesday: Great dinner here at the House of Chez Casa with Gashwin & Matt B (friends from church) and Bill (friend of friend who has become 1st order friend.) Izzy outdid himself with a densely flavored, yet light pasta--it's no wonder we seldom go out for Italian. Pics of India, scads of literary puns, great conversation. Afterward, usual Wednesday completing of Bulletin.

Thursday: Mass music rehearsal. Always a highlight 8-)

Friday: Farewell celebration for G as he heads for his novitiate with the Paulists. BBQ dinner (mac & cheese was good) with scads of people and lots of remembrances (roasts AND toasts) of G. Your truly composed a chant in honor (is that the right word??) of G's love of chant. Also got nice feedback on recent music done @ mass from parishioners @ the party. Home to update the Parish website with the current Bulletin.

Today: Planning to do little. Finally reading friend's blogs. Might get the rest of the laundry put away...

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