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Friday, August 11, 2006


Being much more comfortable than Izzy with administrivia, I am about to delve into the minutia that is benefits election. At 1st glance, bits of the package at his new school look better than what the State had available, but other bits seem odd to me.

Izzy can elect for separate, additional coverage for Cancer & Intensive Care. Will this cover treatment given in an ambulance (mobile intensive care unit) or in the ER if he isn't admitted to an ICU? Would cancer coverage provide a disincentive to using sunscreen? Does ICU include Rehab (not the kind Mel Gibson & Robin Williams are in, but the Christopher Reeve sort)? Am I being a nurse or just morbid to ask these questions?

I've asked, and Izzy assures me he has no plans to get sick in the next two semesters. Much as I believe him, I'm going to go ahead and review the available plans.

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