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Howdy. We've moved from Cayce, but St. Elizabeth of South Rose Hill or Lizette de Waccamaw de Sud just don't do it for me.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What's with all the boxes?

So, my hotel has WiFi in the conference center only, so I'm using dial-up in the room. I thought I'd save myself some time tonight and compose some blog entries offline and then post via email.

Something in the pasting process (what do I know about 1's & 0's?) turned all the single and double quote and dashes into boxes and altered a few other bits of punctuation. So, instead of creating and sending 5 emails, I've now spent a bit of time editing with all the "speed" I've "missed" using high speed at home & work. What fun! 8-P

Couple of y'all read this via RSS feed, and won't see the corrections I've just made. Please do drop by and at least read Izzy's description of the Special Needs Prom as it should have appeared.

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