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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Houston? Say it ain't so!

Having been swamped with work and other things in the past two weeks, I've wondered what it would take to get me back to the blog.
If you scroll down the page, you'll the that the 3rd best city in the US for business and careers (per Forbes Magazine) is Houston, TX.  Houston?  A city with no zoning?  A city that is best described as metastasizing?
Gotta remember that this is not the list of nicest places to live....
In other news, both Durham and Raleigh are in the Top Ten this year.  They've been split apart as separate MSA's.  This has got to be good news to the folks in Durham who've been described by so many in the media as poor, divided, etc.
Last Thursday, a lunch companion and I discovered that we had both spent a number of years in Texas.  Once we'd determined that I had lived in Dallas and she'd lived in Houston, I won the contest by being the first to say "I'm so sorry" to the other. (It's a long-standing Dallas/Houston thing.)
I guess she gets the last laugh this week.

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SLM er said...

Awww I liked living in Houston. Maybe because I lived so close to downtown. and it was the first big city I ever lived in. The people are from everywhere!!!!