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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Driving to the Beach

I found more "cool people radio." Perhaps I was a bit hopped up on the 32 oz fountain Diet Coke that I'd bought as a chaser to the 12 oz can of same, perhaps it was relief at finally having my presentation completed, but I really enjoyed my drive to Myrtle Beach last PM (5/22.)


--Hitting the scan button and catching the 1st notes of "Sweet Home Alabama." It's one of the few times I "turn it up."

--Following that song with sets including "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," "Running on Empty," more by Queen, Blondie, and the full, album-length version of "Money for Nothing."

--I had my 1st sighting of the bumper sticker:

I (heart) my German Shepherd
Pope Benedict XVI

Hardly any bikes on the road last PM. Most of the Harleys have left, and the sports bikes will be arriving over the next couple of days. If you live in SC, you know that we have two bike weeks in May, a white one and a black one. Somewhere, there's a reconciliation of the nostalgic love for the South (cf. Sweet Home) and the surprise/embarrassment at returning to a place that still has so far to go in improving race relations.

A place where we still take off on Confederate Memorial Day.


Gregory said...

I really like that bumber sticker idea!

Napoleon said...

Ditto, that is maybe the best bumper sticker ever....ever.