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Monday, December 12, 2005

Where were the crowds for #1001?

So, Governor Schwarzenegger has decided not to grant clemency to Tookie Williams. That's his perogative, even though little is served by this man's execution that couldn't be served by having him spend the rest of him life being penitent in a penitientiary (i.e., away from the spotlight, given time to think and maybe repent for what he's done.)

Having said that, I see so many reports about huge crowds demanding a reprieve for this man, and recall that there were just under a dozen of us at the prayer vigil for Shawn Humphries two weeks ago. No civil disobedience or threatened riots here in SC, just disappointed acceptance that, once more, politics or expediency won out over mercy.

I'll pray for the repose of the souls of both of these men, as well as for the souls of their victims and for the grieving families that have been and will be left behind. I'll also hope that whoever "the next guy" is, he won't be forgotten.

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