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Howdy. We've moved from Cayce, but St. Elizabeth of South Rose Hill or Lizette de Waccamaw de Sud just don't do it for me.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

76% Southern

Got directed to this quiz by Gashwin, who also appears to be 3/4ths Dixie-ite.

Had to ask Izzy how I say some words ("route," 2nd syllable of "pajamas.") I think I go back and forth on some words (thank a midwestern father and west coast mom and an SC upbringing around transplanted missionaries.) I can hear my dad saying "booook" like "roof" ("rufe") and remember that our family, like lots of folks around here, called all fizzy drinks "coke"--to the point that I didn't realize until Dad was nearly 70 that his favorite "coke" was Pepsi.

Pronouncing "aunt" like "taunt" and calling those drinks "soda" was actually a racial divide (shibboleth) in the South of my youth. Southern white folks said "ant"; everyone else was suspect.

I picked up "soda" when I moved to Texas (from "soda pop" that I heard so often in Oklahoma) and learned to say "Nabs" for those cracker 6-packs when I moved to NC. Haven't "learnt" new terms (of which I'm aware) since moving back to Klumbya (that pronunciation is the way you definitely recognize locals in these parts, plus knowing how to pronounce Cayce (hint: it's not "case."))

Glad I'm not more Yankee, especially since what little accent I had went away when I left for college.


Gashwin said...

Ok -- you being just two points more Dixie than I goes to show that this quiz ain't up to snuff! :-)

But then, as I like to point out -- I'm from way further South than y'all .... :-)

St. Izzy said...

"56% (Dixie). Barely into the Dixie category."

#17 didn't have the proper term -- "Wrapping a house"

#20, those are TOO doodle bugs. An ant lion is a different beastie altogther, and much more fun to play with.

The test results are definitely skewed. Which is the only reason I'm not horrified to find myself in Dixie at all.

Exiled among the babdists,