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Monday, December 12, 2005

Operation Weasel (make that "Dynamic" Weasel)

Via Dave Barry.

Operation Dynamic Weasel Sharpens Combat Skills

Air Force News / Tarsha Storey / December 02, 2005

SHAW Air Force BASE, S.C. -

Exercise Operation Dynamic Weasel begins here today to hone the skills Airmen need for combat deployments. The exercise will sharpen tactics, techniques and procedural skills while practicing for combat situations, said Maj. Anthony Roberson, the 20th Operations Support Squadron director of operations. He said the exercise will simulate combat operations in Southwest Asia.

There's more, but nothing explaining how the Air Force, smack dab in the home of Thomas Sumter, the Fighting Gamecock, came to have war games named for weasels.

Boggles the mind. Hope we're prepared to fight asian rodents now.


discipleassisi said...

i say they'd better be careful about what kind of "over land" and "over sea" practice they take... and they'd better make sure they don't put anything in the water or i'll... i'll... probably not do a darn thing. the government has taken great pains to make my job as difficult as possible - here's to a tpp meeting for my mmrp sites tomorrow.

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Sounds like "Someone" needs a TPS cover sheet to go with her TPP report.

discipleassisi said...