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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Memorial Site

So, I'm cruising the web whilst Izzy is cruising the NC mountains. In following a link from the Shrine of the Holy Whapping, (and isn't that always the way it happens!) I came across a link for

It's apparently a reader built database for cemeteries and their occupants. I added a page for my Dad, and realized the "note" I left with my "flowers" shows I'm more and more convinced about this whole Purgatory thing...

If you checkout the memorial, do look at all 20 photos. Clicking each one will give you a caption--some may possibly be a bit sweet for some tastes, but they felt just right for an afternoon of reminiscing on the last day of the year.'s annual necrology for 2005 starts with JP2. (He's higher up there than victims of disasters like the Tsunami (missing--I guess no one's added it) or Katrina.)

There's many more names in the category lists. For example, the religious leaders list also includes people like

  • Brother Roger, whose communication by B16 this year still upsets lots of radtrads;
  • Evelyn Roberts (my 'darling wife Evelyn' as we always heard Oral say);
  • Adrian Rogers, whose conservative movement/leadership really influenced/changed and even divided the Southern Baptist Convention of my childhood; and even
  • Dr. Gene Scott (whom we used to spend hours watching the way one watches really bad infomercials, and whose website doesn't seem to realize he's gone, except for a hilarious line on this page about email.)
Dr. Scott does not receive e-Mail. If you want to get a message to Dr. Scott, you'll have to get in line.
I'll save queueing up for later. Izzy just called and he's on the way home with BBQ from a place run by Texans. It'll be a Happy New Year for him!

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