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Friday, October 28, 2005

Long Week, Longer Weekend

I've spent many, many hours this week driving back and forth to a heath department right smack dab in the middle of nowhere, plus working long hours in their clinics to help with an outbreak. No matter what road I've taken, it's been 2+ hours each way, giving me lots of time to think of topics that I'd love to write about. If course, this leaves NO TIME for actual blogging.

So, a list of what I'd love to write about (and ultimately include links for):

  • I'm also a 6 day creationist. However, I think origins, both the Creation story and any and all other theories, should be taught in HISTORY class, not science. Ultimately, neither macro process is directly observable. History classes can look at transmission of stories, effects on belief systems, deriving meaning from "prehistory", etc.
  • Who on earth is Scooter Libby, really, and why are so many people soooo determined to get him de-officed? Is is just because of hate for Cheney & Rove?
  • How glad I am not to need to spend time on EHarmony,, and similar sites like several of my co-workers.
  • Is it just me, or are all women with professional jobs on TV wearing boob shirts? How tough must it be to be a chaste guy in places where women take their cues from these shows?
  • It appears that the final version of the statements coming from the Synod of Bishops will be far more reasonable regarding celibate homosexual priests and seminarians than was feared. If we can get SOOOO worked up about things that we have little certainty about, why do people feel the need to ignore warnings about THE STRONGEST HURRICANE EVER RECORDED?
  • Why is the cat afraid of the kitty door we put into her favorite window?
  • I must be seriously hormonal or something, but, when driving home last night, I drove through a small town Halloween celebration, and couldn't stop crying. Hundreds of costumed children and their parents strolled and ran down Main Street getting treats from merchants, carrying balloon, climbing on fire trucks, etc. It was so Mayberry, and I wouldn't have seen it if I hadn't taken a wrong turn whilst looking for yet another shortcut home. I think I was affected by the quaintness and by some jealousy of those parents.
  • Jealousy includes the word lousy. Hmmmm. I need to collect more of the "you can't spell this without that" words. It's my favorite part of the paper, and what I relax with at night.

Anyhow, there's more, but I've got to get up early and work 10 hours of so in a clinic an hour away. Izzy is going to the Ag school for a foreign language competition, then meeting a friend in Asheville for dinner and then off to a Doc Watson concert in Mars Hill. I might go get a veggie burger and hear some praise music at a local live music venue.

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