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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Back to It -- Next Sunday's Readings

Well, almost done with the revisions to the STM website-taking up much of my time, along with whatever it is I actually do for work.

Looking at the readings for next Sunday (Cycle A, 29th in Ordinary Time),

Isaiah 45:1, 4-6 -- God tells Cyrus that HE put Cyrus in place, HE is responsible, HE is using Cyrus to accomplish HIS plans.

Psalm 96 -- The Lord is King, HE governs the peoples with equity.

Matthew 22:15-21 -- Render unto Caesar (KJV language.)

There's been some young adult group discussion on government and morality of same lately...This should be interesting if the right mix of folks come to Bible Study tomorrow to discuss.

Similar passages: From Proverbs 21:1 "The heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord; He turneth it withersoever He will." (again, KJV language is so gorgeous) Also from Romans 13:5 -- "Pay your taxes."

Steliz--works for the government, and really is "here to help you."

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