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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Long Week, Longer Weekend, 2

So, Izzy's bike began making some sort of noise today (his call began with: "Do you remember the noise the Hyundai made when it died?") and he ended up not going to Asheville & Mars Hill. He got a ride from an on-line friend at the extreme end of the upstate to the bike shop here. These bikers are great to each other.

B3 and son, B3-1, picked him up and delivered him back to the House of Chez Casa. Doc Watson's audience was minus one fan...

I did the last chlorine follow-up clinic. More people with amazing experiences that they've dealt with using limited resources. Interesting tidbits that are shareable:

  • A mom with worsening asthma was trying to figure out where some of her exposures to triggers were. She mentioned that her husband never smoked in the house...her kids piped up with "yes he does, as soon as you leave..." and lots more details. Her sense of smell isn't so good, I guess...I told her that I hoped she didn't blame the state health dept for her marriage breaking up...
  • Several folks with obvious PTSD.
  • Noticing the amazing variety of shapes and sizes people come in.
  • TV reporter-girl showed up with what appeared to be a pre-written story. She didn't really want interviews of clinic staff, and made several comments that went: "Sooo, you're doing X" or "the patients are from Y..." without really listening to any answers beginning with "Let us explain what we are doing--it may not be all that you are describing it as" or "not entirely..." It looked like a spoof from Journalism 101, but maybe I was expecting NPR style reporting. If they keep the story to a 30 second clip of poor people beng helped, and don't do more, it might be better than a more in-depth story that gets details wrong. We'll watch and see ---- Film at 11.

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