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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday night mindlessness

I'm downloading, sorting, labeling and uploading photos -- and have the TV on so I can keep track of time.

I turned to Prime Minister's Questions, which I always enjoy on C-SPAN. So far, so good.

But now, I realize that I've had in the background Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party Candidate. One of my brother's is a big fan -- I don't see the point of 3rd parties at this time.

I started paying attention (and this is why I had to start this blog post) as they started broadcasting a speech by Rosa Clemente, VP nominee of the Green Party (Cynthia McKinney of GA is the pres. nominee.) Clemente is talking about hip-hop and describing how people are always "axing" her why she is running. Green party values match those in hip-hop. Lots of lyrics quoted.

The best bit so far is where she said she was ready to run for VP: "Dick Cheney, bring it on."

Now she's reading more hip-hop lyrics. Dissing "yes we can." Why to not vote for Obama: "We don't vote for him because he's already bought and sold." More interesting than Barr... She was born in 1972. I remember 1972. Gosh I feel old.

I'll post now, and possibly update as I continue the uploads.

Update @ 10:26 PM: the supporter standing directly behind Cynthia McKinney, who is now speaking, finally turned his Power to the People sign right side up.

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pritcher said...

Funny...I was just looking at 3rd party candidates last night too. Part of me is holding out for the end of the world to come before November so I don't have to decide.