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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Izzy's Trip: Day 1

If you know Izzy, you can check his Facebook status updates from time to time to follow his progress on the Latin speaking, filial piety, 25th anniversary summer tour. (Maybe we should get tour t-shirts made.) If you're not on Facebook, but we know each other, email me via the profile link and I'll clue you into a couple other ways to follow his travels.


I got up early this AM and took a few shots of his final preparations.

Everything he needs for five weeks on the road.


A description of this week from a Pacfic Coast blogger:

Nor is this pleasure [of Latin immersion] limited to electronic realms. This summer I will travel, in the corporeal world, to Rusticatio Virginiana, a week-long retreat at a villa formerly in the Washington family, where one speaks only Latin. Doing everything from trail-tromping to wine-tasting, from disputing Ovid and Catullus in many-hour sessions to sitting on the porch shooting the West Virginia breeze, we will be using only that ancient harp-song, Latin—and having the time of our lives doing it! The chef, by the way, one Andrew Gollan, is a Latin teacher at Santa Monica High School. (Even the carrots are cooked Latine modo.) What’s more, Rusticatio Virginiana is but one of many such shindigs across the country, and far more across the world, some of which last as many as eight weeks, and many of which are difficult to get into because the demand is so immense.
This evening, I tried to keep in the spirit of his Latin-only experience at the Rusticatio, and sent Izzy some sort of latinate text message. Be nice, now...
Quomodo vales ad locum Virginia Occidentia? Te ego et Caligula amamus.
Just to be sure that he got my drift, I send the 2nd in porcine proto-Italian.
Opehay ouyay avehay away oodgay imetay.

His replies (Latin, of course) told me he was in a room with (surrounded by?) four (other?) Catholic students and one leader who is an Anglican priest. He was tired and ready to sleep. He loves me.

As his trip progresses, I'll post links to any pics he sends or uploads (likely AFTER the 6th, when he gets to use English again, and gets Internet access.)

St, Isidore of Seville, pray for us.
For traveling mercies, Our Lady of Safe Travel and St. Brendan the navigator, pray for us (ora pro nobis)


Anonymous said...

if you look at the bike's rear tire it looks more like a car tire than bike tire... I am sure that it is an optical illusion.

St. Izzy said...

It is not an illusion. It is a larger footprint and more traction.

who lost his palm cross on the edges of a thunderstorm today