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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Random Thoughts & Izzy Update

Heard from my dearest just a few minutes ago. He's in South Dakota, having ridden through the Black Hills/Badlands today after leaving middle Iowa.

He described a scene he'd passed and not been able to photograph. Just past an 1880's village on I-90, there was a sculpture of a T-rex being taken for a walk. Whilst on the phone, we were able to both look it up on Google Images and thus see it at the same time. Cool.

(Photo from Neatocoolville)

Tomorrow for him: Mount Rushmore.
Tomorrow for me: Shipping motorcycle gear to Seattle. Working on policies. Randy Stonehill Concert @ the coffee shop (yay!)

Got the lawnmower re-started and got over half of the back yard done tonight, stopping when I saw the first bit of lightning before the evening deluge started.

I'd done the front yard last night, stopping when it got too dark to mow safely, despite the mower's aversion to stopping. It didn't even want to stop in tall think grass -- refused to stall out -- or while I talked to Mom for 20 minutes. I pulled open the top and did a bit of monkeying it with the springy-thingy that's is supposed to stop the motor when you release the handle or pull out the orange key thingy, and it finally stopped. The 12 year old mower is battery-operated, so you can't mess with carburetors or spark plugs to turn it off. So, I'm feeling like a problem-solving girl, which is often more than I accomplish in a day of work.

Lots of random thoughts as I pushed the mower through the thick tall grass (when it rains nearly every day, it's hard to do the mowing frequently.)
  1. I wondered whether the mosquitoes attacking me were more likely to carry West Nile Virus or dengue fever.
  2. I'm reticent to admit that I've now heard the Kid Rock song "All Summer Long" and am surprised to find I really like it. It's the one that combines the basic content of "Night Moves" with the tunes of "Werewolves of London" and "Sweet Home Alabama." Clever musical staging.
  3. There's no sense to quietly humming songs that are stuck in your head while you mow the lawn -- might as well belt them out.
  4. I'm not a fan of pine cones.
  5. Goes without saying, but I'm missing the Iz-man.

1 comment:

Heather said...

Definitely belt them out, but be weary...

We had a neighbor in NC who liked to whistle when he was mowing the lawn. Now most normal whistling wouldn't be heard over the roar of a mower and through the back door, but he really got into his whistling. It became sort of a running neighborhood joke (that he laughed at too) to try and guess what song he was whistling.