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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Saturday Thoughts & Observations

1. Celebrating the Fourth.
Driving down the street this afternoon, I saw, in front of the little park, large piles of spent fireworks, shells and casings. This means that, despite at least one of the organizers having moved away and the cancellation of last year's show, there must have been some sort of neighborhood fireworks show last night.
Mixed reactions -- it would have been fun to see the display -- previous ones were amazing -- but I wouldn't give up the delightful food, friends and conversation at Chez Dell last evening for anything. Thanks so much to the Dell's for a great evening!

2. Photo Op
Gotta remember to shoot the sign on the church around the corner: "Stop, Drop & Roll won't work in Hell."

3. The poor cat
She's been quite insistent on putting me to bed at night during Izzy's absence. Also asking for scritchies at night -- though scarce in the mornings.
At one point earlier today, she wouldn't stop yowling and acting upset -- and she wasn't interested in anything I offered her (brush, going outside, laptime.) Turns out, the box fan (plugged in and running) had fallen over in the back bedroom. I think this was Callie's first "Timmy's in trouble" moment. I'm proud of her.
I haven't seen her since I got back this evening. There have been fireworks off and on for the past hour or so, and we had a thunderstorm just before that. I'm going to assume that she is behind the couch -- I'll expect to see her around 11 asking for her dinner.

4. Fun movie dialogue.
I'm watching "Bertie and Elizabeth" whilst listening to more neighborhood fireworks. There is a great bit of dialogue as Queen Mary (consort of George V) and one of her ladies in waiting (I think Mabel Olgilvy, Countess of Airlie -- a member of the aristocracy) watch the romance blossom between Bertie (later George VI) and Elizabeth Bowes Lyons (daughter of the Scottish Earl of Strathmore, later Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.)

QM: I think my son is rather keen on the Strathmore girl.
Countess: I've formed that impression, too.
QM: Well, we could do worse than marry Bertie to a member of the British aristocracy. I mean, some of them are quite respectable. Well, yourself, for example.
Countess: [laughs] Has it ever been done? Isn't royal blood supposed to be a unique asset? Surely, she'd be the first commoner to marry into the Royal Family, since, um, ...
QM: Anne Boleyn.
Countess:Well, though didn't work out, did it?
QM: Oh, my understanding is that until he had her beheaded, the whole thing was a resounding success.

Commenting on American newspaper coverage of the possibly impending marriage between Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson (pre-abdication)
Courtier: Some of these [newspapers] may have been read by Canadians.
Duchess of York: So far from God and so close to America.

5. Liturgical Tourism
Went to Saturday evening Mass to see a couple of the musicians who will be moving away in August. Dinner afterwards -- nice conversation, but my food choices (Indian veggies)were apparently too carb heavy (alas...).
I think I resisted the urges towards liturgical tourism (i.e., watching, rather than worshipping.) I saw things that went well, and things that could have gone better; I saw things that I thought our Mass does better, and some things I wish happened better at our Mass. Overall, it was good to be able to listen and worship and anticipate the Eucharist without having to think about what bit of music comes next.
Assuming tomorrow goes as I plan, in Izzy's honor I plan to go to a Tridentine Latin Mass tomorrow at 1 PM. I think I'll be able to find Izzy's Latin Missal and a lacy head covering.

6. Speaking of Latin...
I'm getting much better at reading Izzy's Latin text messages and have even sent a few of my own. I'm sure that there were plenty of grammar mistakes, but I was apparently clear enough that he understood what I had to say (based on the replies I got.) Of course, he has over a decade's worth of experience translating student Latin -- I'm at least at their level.

7. Back to the cat.
10:50 PM and the fireworks, having mostly stopped, the cat has come out to express her opinions. Time to feed her and start winding down, so I'll be ready to sing tomorrow morning at 8 AM.

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