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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Uncharitable thoughts

Izzy, who is in Durham, just alerted me to the status of the UNC-Kansas final four game. Current score, with 7:32 to go in the first half: Kansas 38, UNC 12. Yes, twelve, not a typo for 21. Quoth the announcer (Billy Packer?): This Game is OVER!

I'd kinda hoped they (UNC) would take it all so Hansbrough would have no unmet goals and would feel free to turn pro. I'm also torn by a desire to gloat gleefully as someone else has a downfall (plenty of folks gloated over my dark-blue boys...)

Not sure how I should root now -- probably for Kansas, after all.

More later.

Update at 9:54 PM

It's half-time. Biggest lead in the 1st half was 40-12. Score now Kansas 44, UNC 27.

Update at 11:04 PM

After getting to within 4 points of Kansas, UNC allowed a 14-0 KU run, and will head home having not achieved the greatest comeback in final four history.

Final Score: Kansas 84, UNC 66.

Quite a game. Time to feed the cat and head for bed.

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