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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Giving and Taking, Taking and Bringing

Or, times in my weekend when I am reminded of Pritcher...

Izzy and I got up earlier than usual for a Saturday and went out to do our civic duty at the Red Cross.

We GAVE blood, then we came home and TOOK naps.
We TOOK plastic bags back to the store for recycling and BROUGHT home groceries and adult beverages.

Give is the opposite of take, but I'm not sure how take and bring are related. They are often used synonymously, so I should be able to substitute one for the other... (Do you take someone to the doctor or bring them? Do you take a casserole to a shut-in or bring one?)

  • Take is the opposite of give.
  • Take equals bring?
  • Therefore, bring is the opposite of give? Does a balanced life require a bit of "give and bring?"
I'm going to go bring a break and consult Fowlers.

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