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Friday, December 14, 2007

How many movies...?

This question came up at a work outing for Mexican this afternoon. One member of our group was talking about the first time she saw King Lear. I started to share about the first time I saw Lear performed (Shakespeare Festival of Dallas), but couldn't bring to mind the name of the remarkable actor who had played Lear.

Me: He reminds me of Gregory Hines, but I think it was the guy who was on the Electric Company. Hmmm, maybe more of a cross between Morgan Freeman and the guy from the Electric Company.

Co-Worker 1 (my age minus 8 years): Morgan Freeman was on the Electric Company.

Co-Worker 2 (my age plus 1 year): How many movies has Morgan Freeman been in and you had to use the Electric Company to identify him?

Me: I don't get out much.

Since that conversation, I've added one to the number of movies I've seen in my lifetime. I've also started a new list, containing one item, of movies about which I've given cell phone feedback to the film maker immediately afterwards. Yoga Girl brought over a crowd, including a substitute Gashwin, for a viewing of Din. I was a bit confused at bits of it, but it turns out I was trying to make sense of parts of the film where the film maker was intentionally creating and increasing ambiguity. Overall, not a bad way to spend an evening.

PS for those to whom it matters: The cat is back in the living room, sniffing mightily, and seems a bit distressed about all of the scents we allowed into the house. I'm sure you're shocked!

PPS for Izzy, who was there: Turns out, memory had failed me a bit. Morgan Freeman played Othello in the Shakespeare Festival. I want to say "brilliantly and dangerously!", but I'm now wondering if I actually saw that play--gotta be, though--how else would I have associated Shakespeare with the Electric Company? I know for sure that we saw Earle Hyman, the innocuous Grandpa Huxtable on the Cosby Show, play Lear in a role that showed me the power of Shakespeare.

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