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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Blog, part 4: Stuff from the Radio

Christmas is usually a slow news day. NPR, addition to summarizing B16's message and telling us that greetings were given in 60 (or so) languages, added the following to Carl Kassell's top of the hour news summary:

  • Tourists flocked to Bethlehem.
  • All 5000 hotel rooms in Bethlehem were full.
Glad to see someone there has read/heard St. Luke's account.

In other, non-holiday radio stuff, I've heard several times an ad for some service or other. The ad ends: This offer is not available in all states, including South Carolina.

Doesn't that sound like "not available in any states"? Shouldn't they say it's not available in "some" states?

I'm certainly glad to see that people are aware that SC has been re-admitted to the Union, but if the service isn't available in SC, why run the ad on a station that only reaches the middle of SC? Are there enough people transiting the state who will chance upon this ad, thing "aha, this could be solution to my own particular problem!" and then recall the company and contact info once they reach their home in one of the states (if any) where the offer applies?

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