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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Blog, part 2: Shoes

First, some background: Izzy first met my parents when he accompanied me home for Christmas Break back in the Reagan administration. One afternoon, Izzy and Dad found themselves seated at the kitchen table, trying to read the paper despite noise and chaos levels approaching apocalyptic. Dad looked up from a sales insert and said to Izzy: Hey, they've got bras half off at Riches. Wanna go?
I looked through today's sales inserts just a while ago, noting to Izzy that while bras seemed to be half-off, men's underwear was generally only 25% off. Something seems terribly unfair here.

Turning a page, I commented to Izzy:

"They've got knee-high boots 70% off at Penney's. Doesn't that make them 'shoes'?"

His reply: That's your Christmas blog entry, right there.


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