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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Familiar Faces

I'm sitting in a hotel room in Raleigh -- I think this might be only the 2nd time for me. We're here for the college graduation of my eldest niece from NC State. Go Pack, I guess....

I arrived too late for the family dinner, so no Italian. I just a few minutes ago turned on the news, and (this will mean something mainly to Izzy), there were Debra Morgan and Pam Saulsby telling me about local goings-on and Greg Fischel telling me how cold it's going to be tomorrow (very!), with sports by Bob Holiday.

I began the process of leaving the Triangle five years ago. It's nice to see familiar faces -- even if only on a screen. It's not unlike moving back to SC after being away for 23 years and having the same two Senators (Thurmond and Hollings) and Mr. Knozit still doing the weather. We likes us our stability down here, we does.

Just heard another bit of news that will sadden the hearts of true Dukies, baby: Dickie V had surgery today on his vocal chords and won't be able to announce games until at least February, babeee. Who is going to tell me about the Dipsy-doo Dunk-a-roo's done by the All-Windex Team?

We'll see you in February, Dickie, baby.

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