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Howdy. We've moved from Cayce, but St. Elizabeth of South Rose Hill or Lizette de Waccamaw de Sud just don't do it for me.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Enjoying the trip

Izzy and I are here at an Internet café and I'm trying to get the hang of the Italian keyboard, whilst not spending too much €€.

Dogwood commented on an earlier post:

I'm glad you're not traveling with the laptops. You'll put more time on enjoying the trip instead of documenting it.

There are plenty of internet cafes, so you can catch up with email, and, heaven forbid, blog!

Funny you should write that. This morning, whilst waiting for daily Mass @ St. John Lateran, I had one of "those" moments. I thought I was escaping out of checking the capacity on the memory card, but instead..... itàs just too painful to describe...

So, no photos of the first three days of our travels. We can re-shoot St. Mary Major & the neighborhood where we are staying, so all we've really lost are the Philly shots from visiting our friends there and the pics of where & with whom we stayed in Durham. I've also learned that I don't deal well with this sort of thing at what my body thinks is 3:30 AM.

Brief summary of the trip thusfar (I am keeping a written record, so there will be posts once we're home.)
  • Sunday: to Durham after Mass.
  • Monday: Durham to RDU to Philadelphia. Day trip into Philly to see old friends, enjhoy a delightful lunch and be amused by their grandkids. Back to airport, flew to Rome.
  • Tuesday: Landed, train to B&B (Thanks for the recommendation, Gashwin.) Nap! Stroll to St. Mary Major, 6 PM Mass. Dinner at place next door to where we are staying.
  • Wednesday: St. John Lateran (Mass, plus tour of Cloisters), Colosseum (free today, since itàs the 200th bday of Garibaldi), San Clemente, back to Lateran for Santa Scala, brief shopping, 1st trip to internet café. I'm sure there will be other trips, but not for a few days.
BTW: Made it up Santa Scala, now headed in search of liniments for the evening...

Happy 4th to our peeps in the USA.


Dogwood Dell said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear issues regarding the memory card.

It sounds like the times I exposed film accidentally.

Don’t fret about the photos – just have fun and capture the memories.

Gashwin said...

What happened to the memory card? Don't fret too much is good advice. You're in ROME!!! Enjoy!

Did you go up La Santa Scala on your knees?

pritcher said...

Can't wait to hear more stories when y'all get back. Enjoy!

St. Izzy said...

Oh, yes... It was on knees. And there were a couple of people (including a priest) in front who wanted to pray a decade or so on each step. As the crowd backed up behind them, they gave up and just ascended in what is, for the Santa Scala, the normal way.

One pilgrim basilica to go!