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Saturday, July 29, 2006


(the food, not the Southern expletive.)

So, I've had flare-ups in a couple of chronic conditions this past spring. At one point, one of these issues (it's ovarian, let's leave it at that) seemed to be the cause of increased fasting blood sugars. So, in addition to treatments for my neurologic, gastrointestinal and reproductive systems (I know, TMI), we added an endocrine system medication.

After a month, the blood sugar levels got even worse, and I now own a glucometer. I expect to also get another ICD-10 code at my next visit: E11, or ICD-9 250.2 (Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.)

Can't say it's a complete surprise, given family history and personal build (I like to say that I've been carrying around my grandmother since her death in 1978--it's the least I could do in tribute to her...) However, onsets of things like this tend to be diagnosed when you're feeling the ill effects of having the untreated disease. I think that I'm saying that I had been feeling pretty awful much of the spring, and so I wasn't prepared to deal with the news at first.

My GYN's office had called with the concerning lab results and told me to see my regular MD ASAP. (Note to self--gotta get a new doctor...) I got in the next day, and got the "you'll be fine, just take this new pill, watch what you eat and check your blood sugars twice a day" talk.

No time given to ask questions (nor was a referral given to a diabetic educator or endocrinologist when I asked about one--"We can manage you here.") No info given on (1) what I should eat, what must be avoided, do I focus on carbs or glycemic indices, etc., (2) what times would be best to check blood sugar levels--I suggested AM fasting and PM postprandial and he said that sounded OK, or (3) what levels might be appropriate for sugars at those times.

(Yes, I'm a nurse, but I don't specialize in internal medicine, plus practice guidelines have changed since my graduation. We all need to have questions answered.)

He did say to me that I'd probably be like most folks he knew with Type II and that I'd probably be able to eat cheeseburgers and drink Pepsis in no time.

He said "Cheeseburgers." To me. Gotta get a new doctor.

So, I've been checking blood sugars 2-5 times a day, trying to learn to correlate symptoms with levels. I've spent all my internet time looking at ADA recommendations and learning the differences between whole blood and plasma glucose levels. I've tried to figure out how to fit meal plans and carb allowances into a vegetarian diet, while learning to deal with side effects for new medicine number three for this month.

Izzy has been a godsend. He got home from a visit to his brother in Austin just after I got the glucometer. He's helped me look up things, order cabling and download programming to tracking meter readings on the PC, and not said anything when, despite following what seems to be good advice, morning or evening sugars go too high. We're in this adventure together.

Note to self--gotta keep this husband.


UltraCrepidarian said...

I'm praying for you! Yes, do get a better Doctor, and keep Izzy, he's allright, isn't he?


St. Izzy said...

This particular husband feels compelled to point out that in negatively defining "Sugar," SWMBO could have said "not the Southern term of endearment." That her mind turned to an expletive rather than to a term of endearment probably says something about her home life.

Gashwin said...

Heh -- I think at the particular point she wrote that, Sugar was an expletive.

St. Liz -- best with getting it under control! I'm going to try and make it to the Shrine of the Mother of the Forsaken here for the First Friday Mass this week ... (assuming it ever stops raining) so I'll definitely say some prayers there (and before!).

pritcher said...

I'll keep you in my prayers as well.

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Thanks, guys. I appreciate the prayers (they are added to those of neices & nephews...great reason to have a large supply of them.)

more of a Sweetie Pie or Honey Bunch than Sugar.