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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Four Doors to Leave

So, I go to the pharmacy closest to my office Friday to pick up my "black box" drug. Being as this drug can seriously maim or kill me, I can only get it with an original prescription (check) signed by a Glaxo-approved specialist (check) with a special Glaxo-provided blue sticker (check) if my specialist's office remembers to call the insurance company to once again approve this month's 30 pills (oops, no check.)

Since it's after 5, there's no way to call the Dr.'s office to get them to call the insurance company...this happens frequently, so I'm getting used to it. It's not as if I can just waltz down the street and locate another Glaxo-approved specialist whose office staff have better memories.

So, as I'm walking mostly empty-handed out of the pharmacy, I have more time to notice the doors.

My route through this store is pretty unvarying. Out of the car, usually parked next to the bus stop, then in through Door A. Door A opens automatically & is marked as Entrance Only. I then head through interior Door B, which also opens automatically, letting me into the store.

Then it's back to the pharmacy to drop off my prescription, go sit down, come back up to either pick up & pay or find out that I won't be getting my meds today. Either way, I leave through Door C, which is marked as Exit Only.

Here's where the weird part comes in (besides my having taken the time to make a schematic of my drugstore.)

My approaching Door C causes it to open, and then Door D opens to let me out onto the front sidewalk. However, I don't really want to go through Door D, since it's less convenient to the West Parking Area. I turn and take one step towards Door A and it opens--even though Door A is marked as entrance only. By my 2nd step towards Door A, Door B has also opened, inviting me back to spend the store bonus bucks I've just earned from my purchases.

Almost everyone who comes to the pharmacy when I do parks in the same lot. We all leave the same way, and 4 doors open for each person each time. I'm not quite sure how this saves $$ on air conditioning or heat.

A/B and you're in. C/D/A/B and you're out. Sometimes it's just odd enough to comment on.


Napoleon said...

That was a fantastic schematic, I haven't lived in that area for quite some time and I know which drugstore your talking about....or are they all designed the same...hmmmmm

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

If the drugstore you are thinking of is ~ 4 1/2 blocks south of the insane asylum and about a block and a half east of a giant fire hydrant, you've got the right one.

I like that the giant hydrant is so close to the asylum (in which I work, btw.)

Napoleon said...

yes, that's it, crazyness. I personally just love that there is a giant fire hydrant. City sponsored art projects are worthwhile, I mean without them Rome would be nothing.